100 days of adventures

I have been looking for a 100-day project that excites me for a while now. And I kept going in circles, 100 days of writing, 100 days of photography, journaling, drawing, painting, you name it — 100 days of anything creative.

Yesterday I came across Alastair Humphreys’ new newsletter about adding more adventure in his life and inviting the internet to join him on this journey. So I signed up, now is the time I want to chase my dreams of being a travel writer, go on adventures!

So the first email was a big one. In it, he asked why I, as a reader, want to live more adventurously. And what is holding me back?

I am.

I am holding myself back.

I realised at that moment that adventures don’t have to be big. But that whatever it is that I’m doing, I’m holding myself back. I’m holding myself into this feeling of depression and burnout. Letting myself hibernate on the sofa while feeling sorry for myself.

So I emailed him back, which is something that I never do. I never reply to newsletters. But this one spoke to me. And this morning I woke up to an answer. To send him back a photo something adventurously that I have done this weekend.

And then he hit the nail on the head by saying:

“The challenge, by the way, will not be in that part of it. The hard part (I guess) will you be thinking to yourself “but this doesn’t count, this isn’t adventurous enough, Alastair Humphreys is an ADVENTURER” and other such silly nonsenses… Am I right? ;-)”

Yes, because I have an urban trail 5k run planned this weekend. I have done it before, but is it still an adventure then? Well yes, because it’s a new route and it’s not something I can do every day.
Tonight I have a concert planned with my mum. Is that an adventure? Yes, because I’ve never seen this artist live, I haven’t been to a concert in years, and I’ve never been to the location I’m going to tonight.

And then it clicked, (in the shower of course, because all good ideas happen in the shower!). What if instead of doing something creative every day. I commit to doing one little adventure every day? To bring back more fun into my life, to bring back that sense of wonder and excitement that I feel I have been missing. Just a little one, it doesn’t have to be big (it can be). But just something new every day.

So there you have it, starting today, I will commit to 100 days of adventures.


  1. Alastair Humphreys
    13th April 2019 / 3:47 pm

    Do you know Elle Luna and her #100dayproject?
    Good luck!

    • Steph
      13th April 2019 / 4:22 pm

      Yes! I love her, haven’t seen her 100 days project yet though!

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