A year of challenges

Happy new year guys! It seemed forever to get there, but it got here so fast it feels like a blink of the eye: 2019! A new year, a blank slate and a new start to make the most of your dreams.

While you can start every day a new like it’s a new year, January always feels extra special. And it’s a time where people set resolutions to help them make the most of the new year. While I think every day is a new change to make a difference I was eager to leave 2018 behind and start fresh in 2019. One of my goals is to really focus on writing and blogging this year. But personal development is also high on my list. That’s why as 2018 was winding down I decided to give myself a few challenges and then blog about them.

Every month in 2019 I will start a 30-day challenge and then write about them on the blog. The idea behind this is to start a habit change throughout the year. It’s easy to sit here at the beginning and want to change everything, but it’s easier to a take it one habit at a time. That’s why I’ve decided on a challenge a month and one overarching challenge: the year of less.

Ever since reading Cait Flanders’ book ‘the year of less’, I’ve wanted to do something similar. And this is the year. I’ve make a list of rule for myself of things I can and cannot buy and some exceptions (if something breaks that I really need, like jeans, I will just go out and buy new jeans. No need to look like a fool for an entire year!). That said, here are the challenges for this year:

  1. 30 days of journalling
  2. 30 days vegan challenge
  3. 30 days of decluttering
  4. 30 days plastic-free challenge
  5. 30 days of yoga
  6. 30 days of meditation
  7. 30 days of zero waste
  8. 30 days of blogging
  9. 30 days of planking
  10. 30 days of social media free
  11. 30 days of running
  12. 30 days of writing
  13. 30 days of no poo
  14. 30 days of evertything fresh
  15. 30 days of recycling
  16. 30 days of reading
  17. 30 days of no netflix/tv
  18. 30 days of no gluten
  19. 30 days of not drinking
  20. 100 happy days

As you can see, a lot of challenges. I’ve thought long and hard about the first challenge. Vegan eating? Working out every day? Writing every day? What would start my year off right. Then I saw the Doyouyoga challenge starting today on Instagram. Thirty days of yoga poses an I knew this was the one. For starters, there’s a whole bunch of people doing it (a group, yay!), I want to build a yoga practice anyway, and it’s a good form of self-care to support everything else. So 30-days of yoga began yesterday.

After a bouldering session it was time to get down to the mat. The first session with Jess Rose was all about hip openers. I never really had trouble with them, to be honest, I really like them. It’s those downward dogs I’m not too fond of. Especially since I always have tight hamstrings because I am a runner. That said, it was nice to stretch out after a bouldering session. It felt like a good way to close the day and stretch out before going to sleep. My hope for this challenge is to do something to support self-love and self-care. I wonder if I’ll notice something different at the en of the 30 days. Today the focus is forward folding.

What will you be starting today to make 2019 your best year yet?

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