The beauty of poetry

I never got poetry. Not growing up when we were forced to study it, not when I was out of school and took poetry lessons and not when I picked up a poetry book. Somehow my mind didn’t get the rhythm or the rhyme. It made no sense to me.

That was until I picked up ‘light filters in’ by Caroline Kaufman. Suddenly poetry made sense. It made so much sense that I felt the poems did a better job at describing how I felt than I ever could. I finished the book in one sitting. A little surprised I actually read a whole poetry book. 

It happened again this week when I decided to pick up the Goodreads poetry winner from this year. Intrigued by the title ‘the witch doesn’t burn in this one’ I started in Amanda Lovelace’s book. And again I finished it in one sitting. Even though I didn’t identify with this book as much as the previous one, it is one of the most powerful books I have read this year. And I think for us women this book has some powerful messages to share.

And lastly, this morning, I closed the book ‘Nocturnal’ by Wilder Poetry. This book was a bit on the dark too, all about love and loss. But still beautiful. 

I guess I can say for sure that I was wrong. I do like poetry, I just never found the poetry for me. And now I know that the poetry that resonates with me is not the literature kind. Not the one with metaphors that take ages to decipher. It were the poems about love and lost, about battling depression and the darkness within that help me see and battle my own.

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