What would make you happy right now?

Today a writing prompt asked me what would make me happy right now. And I didn’t have an answer straight away. 

For the whole of December, I’m answering a prompt in my journal every day, just to get back into writing and to connect with myself again. December looked like the perfect time to do this. So this morning’s prompt asked me what would make me happy right now, and I froze. 

See, 2018 was spent in a state of chaos and despair. And more often than not my days and weeks felt pure mental survival. So naturally, I lost the connection with myself and the things that made me happy. For a long time, I wasn’t even able to read a book. Luckily I’ve managed to get back into reading, but other things take a little longer. Like writing, journalling and being creative overall. 

They do say that being creative is what helps you through difficult times. And while I’ve found this to be true in the past, this year creativity went out the door at the first sign of trouble. But then there was that question “What would make you happy?”

At first, I started to waffle something about wanting to be creative and then a feeling came over me. A longing I haven’t felt in a while and but feel all the time at the same time. One for trees, the roaring see underneath a cliff. The pure silence of the mountains. The rustle of the leaves through the trees, the and the smell of pine trees after the rain. And I realised it was that simple. What would make me happy right now, is nature. And then from that, everything else will come. 

What would make you happy right now? And what small step can you take towards that today?

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