December is here

The first of December… where did 2018 go? I feel like I blinked and 2018 just raced passed me like a speeding train. They said time goes faster when you’re getting older, and this year I’m finding it to be true. 

December is a month of reflection, and around me, people are winding down for the holidays and getting goals ready for 2019. Just typing the year makes it sound so far away, but it’s only 31 days later. 

So for this past month, I’ve made a commitment to my friend Violeta, I’m going to suck at blogging for 30 days. Meaning I’m going to post something every day, regardless of whether I think it’s good enough or not. Just to get back into blogging and to document the last month of the year. 

So, here’s the start. Have a good first of the last month of the year.

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